Lake Point Advisory Group’s financial professionals offer financial planning, wealth management services, life insurance policies, annuity investment services, and retirement plan consulting created to meet our clients’ individual goals.


The wealth management experts at Lake Point Advisory Group have experience in retirement planning, investments and life insurance.

Our knowledge encompasses key aspects of wealth management, such as investment advice.

Making good investments is only part of wealth management. We help you define and plan for your goals, such as income planning, tax planning, Social Security maximization, life insurance, asset protection and retirement. To make sure we understand your financial objectives, we’ll sit down with you for a face-to-face consultation. We partner with our clients and manage assets to grow wealth through solid investments to construct diverse financial portfolios, guide them toward financial independence and give them the ability to sustain comfortable lifestyles without worrying about running out of money down the road.

We act as your advocate and provide wealth management advice.

Financial Planning

At Lake Point Advisory Group, we believe everyone should be able to live the retirement they’ve always wanted, and we know that doesn’t happen by accident.

Our team of professionals will sit down with you and create a comprehensive review of your current finances, your financial goals, and any strategies you’ve set to achieve those goals. Our team of professionals can then help you develop a well-thought-out strategy using a variety of investment and insurance products and services.

Our goal is to help you address your financial needs, concerns and objectives as we work together to find your retirement confidence.


In a life insurance policy, an agreement is made between a customer and an insurance agency. The insurance company agrees pays a lump sum to a beneficiary in the event of the policyholder’s death in return for regular payments, or premium.

Life insurance can help remove the responsibility of tax planning, tax-free income planning, paying for funeral costs, paying for college tuition, and other costs of living.

Whether you’re 26 or 76, you have a need for this important financial product. The life insurance professionals at Lake Point Advisory Group can help you learn more about your options.


Are you looking for a path to add security to your financial future?

An annuity is a financial product that functions as an agreement between a person and an insurance company. Whoever is buying the annuity makes a lump sum payment to the company and the company agrees to make payments back to the owner at a predetermined time. Relating to when these payouts occur, there are two basic types of annuities: deferred and immediate. Deferred annuities feature payouts that are pushed aside to a later date; the payouts of immediate annuities can start immediately.

There are four types of annuities: variable, immediate, fixed and fixed index. All of them share certain traits.

For many of our clients, investing in annuities is a great method to plan for the future. For many people, how annuities work may be a mystery. We will strip away the complexities and help you understand the basics of your annuity choices.


There’s a good chance you’ll need long-term care for some period of time later in life. Longtermcare.gov estimates that, on average, 70% of those turning age 65 can expect to need some form of long-term care.

With the high costs of nursing homes and in-home health aid, as well as the complex nature of Medicaid, it’s important to plan for how you can cover the costs and use the benefits available to you.

Lake Point Advisory Group can help you determine which methods of paying for long-term care are right for you and your family and secure your legacy for generations to come.

Social Security

A wise strategy to maximize your Social Security benefits claim may result in additional retirement income. Social Security retirement benefits help provide lifetime, inflation-adjusted income. Combined with your retirement savings, plus any pension benefits you may receive, Social Security may serve as an important component of your overall plan for retirement income.

Don’t automatically think that claiming Social Security benefits early is your best decision. It may have been the right choice for your parents, but it could be the wrong choice for you. Remember, your need for income and views about life expectancy will only be two of many important factors in determining when to receive benefits.

Lake Point Advisory Group can help you customize a report that will show you how, when and why to file for Social Security.

Tax Efficient Strategies

What is the single greatest expense you’ll pay in your lifetime? For most people, the correct answer is taxes. While many overlook the importance of tax planning in creating a financial plan, we believe it is an essential ingredient to creating long-term financial independence.

What a lot of folks don’t realize is that they could be paying unnecessary taxes depending on the additional income they pull from their other sources of retirement income, such as IRAs.

Lake Point Advisory Group can help you minimize your taxes in retirement to get you on the road to your dream retirement.