How to Stop Procrastinating

They say there are people who watch things happen, people who make things happen, and people who say, “what happened?” You certainly don’t want to be the last kind, and it’s not so great to be the first kind either. But distractions can get in the way, and the best of us procrastinate. If you want to be the kind of person who makes things happen, consider these tips.

Divide time into 15-minute blocks

There are endless distractions, and it’s easy not to realize how much time we spend on them. You sit down to watch one episode of your new favorite series and suddenly you’re on the third. You open Facebook for five minutes and it becomes 20. One way to beat procrastination is to divide time into 15-minute blocks. By setting aside blocks for specific tasks or leisure activities, you can more easily keep tack of how much time you spend on each thing, and limit time-wasting activities.

Make Lists

We’re all familiar with the to-do list. Maybe we’re also familiar with lists that never get completed, or are simply forgotten about. Having a designated place for either a physical list (like the fridge), or digital list (the notes section of our phone) can help you not lose it. Rather than forego putting tasks on the list you know you’ll complete and are in no danger of forgetting about, add them. That way, you can have the satisfaction of crossing them off, which can help you build momentum and make you feel more productive.

Consider Your Future Self

Sometimes getting things done is unpleasant in the moment, but later there can be feelings of accomplishment, and even relief. When you feel unmotivated, you can image how you’ll feel later knowing you procrastinated and didn’t produce what you wanted to produce. It’s never a good feeling, so avoiding it can help motivate you to push yourself in the moment.

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