How Retirement Can Be Your New Beginning Lakepoint Advisory

Humans are creatures of habit. When we’ve spent time and effort on something over a long period of time, it’s hard to imagine living without that something. The same can be said about work! Many people nearing or in retirement age don’t think about what their day-to-day lives in retirement will be like because they simply can’t imagine life without their work. Some may consider going part-time before retiring to help ease the transition. Either way, thinking about retirement can be difficult and you may start to ask, “What’s next?”

So, What’s Next?

If you’re someone who finds comfort in your current routine, this question might sound daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! We get it, when you love your work and it’s part of who you are, retirement can seem like an identity change. But retirement poses a new opportunity to try new activities you never thought you’d try and do new things you’ve always wanted to do.

Many believe the key to a fulfilling retirement is to set goals for yourself. By staying active, eating healthy, and being social, you will be well on your way to a fulfilling retirement[1]. But that’s easier said than done. You may want to start your road to a happy retirement with a few, simple, enjoyable hobbies.

Sports and Activities

Staying physically active is a mainstay of an enriching retirement. That might mean finding a local golf course to use the driving range or joining a tennis clinic to meet new people. Other healthy and social activities could be to take up yoga at a local studio, go hiking with your loved ones, or simply clear your mind out in nature by yourself.


If you’ve been working for many years, traveling to places you’ve always wanted to go might be the first thing on your retirement bucket list. There are many affordable places to travel to that offer enriching, eye-opening experiences that may give you that spark of excitement you’re looking for in your retirement.

The Arts

Retirement can be a time of self-expression. If you find fulfillment in making something from scratch that you can truly call your own, consider taking up creative activities in retirement. Activities such as painting, writing, and woodworking could become fun and productive hobbies that give you the fulfillment you deserve. Plus, there are plenty of exhibitions and awards, big and small, you could submit your work to, sharing it with the world. Who knows, your activities could even be the start a new career!

All in all, your retirement could be a time of great exploration and learning. Talk to a retirement planning professional to get one step closer to a comfortable and enriching retirement.   Click HERE to sign up for a time to meet us at LakePoint Advisory Group.


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